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Cathu State Forest is between Proserpine and Mackay and offers great camping amongst the eucalypts.  As you drive in to the campgrounds, you’ll see pine plantations with some cleared sections, as well as great views of the Clarke Range.  Once you’re within the camping area, the surrounds take on a more natural appeal with dense wet forest, a seasonal creek and various wildlife.


We saw a bull and a few wallabies grazing on the side of the track, as well as a black-headed python that had just had a big meal.  It was so fat, it couldn’t move, and by the shape of the lump in its body, we reckon it was a wallaby.


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Jaxut Campground

This camping spot seems to be popular with the locals, as there were quite a few people there.  We did manage to find a nice quiet spot with an established fire place, surrounded by the fresh smells of the trees and earth.


Campground bookings can be made by calling 13 QGOV and it’s only $5.75 for two people for the night.  There are no facilities or bins so make sure you take your rubbish home with you.


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  1. doug on said:

    the python looks scary & i would not be able to sleep in that campsite

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