BURIED : Our Tasmanian treasure is ready to be found!

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Arrr me hearties – do ye like some adventure?

How about ye go and find our buried treasure!

It’s buried in the bush, this one will be hard to find.

If you know the Hungarian word for apple, you’ll be in less of a bind.


Find the reserve by the river – stay on the south east side.

Stop at the deepest campsite – this is a nice place to hide.

The stump on the bank, along its line,

Is a large eucalypt to the left; this is the kitty’s shrine.   



-41.277167, 146.232911




If you love looking for buried treasure, go on a hunt in the Northern Territory or the ACT.


Please note that you need to be 18 years old and over to redeem the prize.


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2 thoughts on BURIED : Our Tasmanian treasure is ready to be found!

  1. Markus on said:

    Has the treasure been found yet? We’re heading to Tassie in January and might take on the quest 😀

    • juz on said:

      Wow sorry about the late reply!
      The treasure hasn’t been found yet. Did you go on the quest?

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