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Longnecks available for sale at Beaten Track Brewery

This little brewery opened in 2008 and produces about 20,000L of beer per year.  All of their beers are named after roads and the three most popular beers are Sandstone Summer Ale, Packhorse Pale Ale and Gibb River Rye.  They barely advertise and rely mostly on word of mouth for new customers, but they do have a facebook page that takes online orders for beer.


Tastings are available and include 100ml of 6 beers.  Each tasting costs $15 per person but you can share if you want.  Here are the beers that we got to taste, including the IPA, which was something else!


  • Sandstone Summer Ale – 4.7% light and golden, it had yeast and fruit on the nose, a light, refreshing fizz with hopes and a hint of honey.  Awesome!
  • Great Eastern Wheat – 4.7% and 100% Australian ingredients.  With a good head of foam, it has a subtle aroma of smoke.  It was light and hoppy with a gentle hint of smoke.  The wheat gives this beer a nice, healthy body.
  • Packhorse Pale Ale – 5.2% a dark amber beer made with crystal malt.  It had tastes of passionfruit and grapefruit, was a little hoppy and heavier than the two previous beers with a IBU* of 35.
  • Gibb River Rye – 4.7% the colour of gold straw with a good head of froth, it is made of malted rye from Germany.  It has a thick, creamy texture with hints of pine and passionfruit.  It was robust but light.
  • Youngs Scotch Ale – 5.8% Dark, burnt caramel brown, it was thick with coffee and chocolate.  The roasted malt gave it a smoky aftertaste and while it was heavy, you could still drink it in summer.
  • Ginger Ninja – 6.6% a wheat beer made with freshly ground ginger in the mash tun.  It was light and refreshing with a gentle sting of ginger and no sickly sweetness.
  • Gunbarrel Black IPA – super dark with a massive head of coffee froth.  The beer smelt like marijuana, which the hops is responsible for – possibly because the hops marijuana plants come from the same Cannabinaceae family.  It was thick and smoky and absolutely delicious!
  • Sour Apple Cider with Apple Cinnamon & Honey – 6.6% POW! Not sweet at all!  Pure sour, like a sour warhead lolly.  There were really fine bubbles in it that fizzed up into the nose.


* IBU is the International Bitterness Unit and ranges between 4-20,000


A bag of hops
Beaten Track Brewery are located at 25A Dwyer Road in Boulder.

Phone: 0429 205 516


Stockists exist in Fremantle and Perth.  They are also on Twitter and Facebook.


Beaten Track Brewery

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