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The West End Brewery started in Adelaide, South Australia and was established in 1859 by a bloke called William Clark.  From the brewery’s birth, it has played an integral role in the community, supporting local sporting clubs, greyhound racing and lawn bowls.


West End Draught


Comparing West End Draught to Carlton Draught:

  • West End comes in at 4.5% alcohol volume, whereas Carlton is slightly higher at 4.6%.
  • A 30 can block of West End cost us $45, while a case of 24 Carlton stubbies is usually about $45.
  • The labelling of the two are quite similar, West End is a lighter red though and has an image of white lighthouse instead of two golden horses.
  • West End has a lighter taste and is less bitter, but is still refreshing.
  • You can buy Carlton in most bottle shops in SA, but I don’t recall seeing West End in VIC before (that said though, I’d never looked).


I reckon West End tastes similar to Carlton Coldies, or a slightly watered down Carlton Draught. Overall, these are very easy to drink and I’ve enjoyed sucking my way through the block. Good brew!


Now, everyone knows how much time, money and effort Carlton Draught put into their ads.  Well, here’s an ad for West End Draught.  Watch out Victorians – 1 in 5 beers consumed in South Australia is a West End beer… HAHA!



Apparently, there’s a bit of a rivalry between SA and Victoria – but nobody told Victoria! Anyway, we reckon Carlton Draught ads are heaps better:




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