Brew Review : Kiss Destroyer Beer

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Yo – Dave here for another brew review.


I’ll start by saying: Bwahahahaha!


Kiss Beer


This limited addition to the Kiss Army range of merchandise fits straight in to the rest of the cheesy junk the put on the market.  Labelled as “The hottest beer in the world”, Kiss Destroyer is a pilsner style beer that’s brewed in Sweden and comes in both bottles and cans.


I was looking for some cheap beers when I spotted a six-pack of Kiss beer for $10.  After I stopped chuckling to myself, I grabbed it to extend its comedic value.


Even though Kiss beer is a pilsner, I’ll still compare it to Carlton Draught.  The alcohol content of Kiss is 4.7% – not very different to Carlton’s 4.6%.  Kiss tastes sweet, fruity, a little grainy and a little malty.  On the nose, corn and grain stand out.  With almost no bitterness, Kiss tastes much lighter and sweeter than Carlton and only has a hint of the metallic flavour of the local Aussie draught beers.


Overall, even though Kiss Destroyer is pretty ordinary, the ridiculousness and hilarious novely is good for a six-pack or two.  Also, due to its unpopularity, you can find it really cheap at bottle shops trying to get it off their shelves.




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