Big Things : The Big Prawn, Ballina NSW

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Northern Rivers 2015-06-17 025w


Built in 1989, the Big Prawn started off tail-less and sat upon the West Ballina transit centre.  Visitors could go into a viewing deck within the Prawn’s head and lookout through its bulging eyes.  It’s since undergone a makeover and moved to a new location outside the Bunnings Warehouse on River Street.


Plans for demolition by the Ballina Shire Council in 2009 were halted when the community banded together and petitioned for their beloved icon to remain.  The 2013 restoration cost around $400,000 and gave the Big Prawn a tail.  It currently stands 9 metres high and weighs around 35 tonne.   Shortly after the makeover, the adjacent Bunnings Warehouse went up for sale and sold for a whopping $21.3 million.


This is one of our favourite big things because it is certainly didn’t shrimp out on being big.  It also looked fantastic from its recent renewal. Where’s a giant BBQ when you need one?



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