Big Things : The Big Pineapple, Nambour QLD

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The Big Pineapple is a heritage listed tourist attraction located just south of Nambour on the Sunshine Coast.  It stands 16 metres high and has an informative display inside, with a spiral staircase that takes you to a look out at the top.


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The Big Pineapple opened in 1971 shortly after Mr and Mrs Taylor bought the pineapple farm.  It was only 23 hectares back then and within a year, it received its first award as a tourist attraction.  Over the next few decades, the iconic location would be devastated by fire, reopened, refurbished, redeveloped, and even grow, as surrounding land  was purchased and merged to bring the total property size to 165 hectares.


The Big Pineapple is open to visitors everyday and you can even jump on a train tour that goes around the plantation and through a small zoo that is also on the property.  It’s also the venue of the Big Pineapple Markets every Saturday, and the annual Big Pineapple Music Festival, which debuted in 2013.


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It was a great experience seeing the Big Pineapple – especially for Juz, as not long after we arrived, she got a sense that she’d been there before.  She found a picture of herself that her dad had taken over 20 years earlier, so we did our best to recreate it.





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    Juz great recreative work

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