Big Things : The Big Peanut, Tolga QLD

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The Tablelands


On the drive between Atherton and Mareeba in the Tablelands, you’ll see an enormous knob holding his enormous balls, but don’t be alarmed!  It’s just the Big Peanut!


The Big Peanut is the landmark that welcomes visitors to The Peanut Place, an outlet in the Tablelands that showcases locally grown peanuts.  What’s special about these peanuts is that they are hi oleic, which means that they are high in ‘good’ monounsaturated fats, like the fats in olive oil.  Oleic fatty acids are also less susceptible to oxidation, which means they don’t get rancid as fast as polyunsaturated fats and they have a longer shelf life.


The Tablelands

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