Big Things : The Big Mango, Bowen QLD

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Bowen is Queensland’s mango capital and is known for the Kensington Pride, a variety of mango that is sweet and fleshy without the stringiness.  Therefore, it would be silly not to erect a 3 tonne, 10 metre high mango, which cost $90,000 to design and build.


The Big Mango was erected in 2002 as part of a community campaign to revitalise tourism.  It’s certainly helped put Bowen on the map, particularly after a 2014 publicity stunt whereby the Big Mango was stolen.  Nando’s confessed to the heist which was aimed to promote their new mango and lime flavour.  It has since been returned to its home next to the Bowen Tourist Information Centre on the Bruce Highway.


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    good shot of u2 next to the mango

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