Big Things : The Big Crocodile & Big Barramundi, Normanton QLD

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The Big Croc, Normanton


Despite being a small town, Normanton has two Big Things – the Big Crocodile and the Big Barramundi.  After a quick midday pub crawl, we sussed out both of the Big Things, and we have to admit that the Big Crocodile was far more interactive.



Big Croc

Located on the main street of Normanton, the Big Crocodile is an artist’s impression of the biggest salty ever killed.  The legendary crocodile was nicknamed Krys the Savannah King, and was killed in 1957 by Krystina Pawlowski by the nearby Norman River.


The croc replica is 8.63m long, and we took advantage of the great photo opportunity by mounting the croc any way we could!


The Big Croc, Normanton



Big Barra

Located a little way out of town, the Big Barramundi is an eye-catcher at the front of a hotel.  It’s 7m tall.


The Big Barra, Normanton


There is plenty more to see in Normanton.  Go on a pub crawl to the three pubs in town, stroll down main street and see the heritage buildings, or check out the Visitor Information Centre.


The Big Croc, Normanton


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  1. Doug on said:

    the BIG CROC looks cool with you 2 in its mouth

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