Big Things : The Big Cherries, Pages Flat SA

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The Big Cherries


Not officially a ‘Big Thing’, but we think they’re pretty big – the Big Cherries are located at Fleurieu Cherries, a farm that grows 20 varieties of cherries that you can purchase or pick yourself.  They even make cherry wine or ice cream.



The option to pick your own cherries is very attractive, until they tell you that you have to pay $1 to go into the orchard and then its $7 a kilo for whatever you pick.  It works out the same if you just purchase a kilo of the plump cherries they collected earlier.  We decided to give it a go anyway (for experience sake), but realised after we had left the farm that the $1 entry into the orchard probably covers the cost of people eating cherries as they picked.


We’re just too honest…


Dave & Juz in the cherry orchard



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  1. Haha, LOVE the Big Cherries!! One day I’ll visit add them to my blog – but I’ll give the cherry picking a miss! Have a great day!!

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