Big Things : The Big Cassowary, Mission Beach

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Cassowary Coast 2015-04-27 021w


The Big Cassowary in Mission Beach is located just outside the Wongaling Beach Shopping Complex.  It stands nearly 5 metres tall and is a beacon for the Cassowary Coast, which stretches from Cairns to Townsville.


Southern cassowaries are a big flightless bird that is native to Australia.  The term cassowary comes from the Papuan term kasu weri, meaning horned head, and this refers to the large crest on its head.  They are elusive but can be dangerous, as they have strong legs with large claws that have been rumoured to disembowel people.  Despite this, they are classified as ‘vulnerable’ and need conservation actions to ensure their survival.


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  1. doug on said:

    interesting knowing the origin of cassowary

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