Big Things : The Big Cane Toad, Sarina QLD

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The Big Cane Toad in Sarina, which is affectionately called Buffy, was built in 1983 out of Papier Mache for a float that participated in the Apex Sugar Festival Parade.  The toad was eventually set in fibreglass and now sits in the centre of town.  We reckon this might be the ugliest Big Thing we’ve seen!


The cane toad is an amphibian that was introduced to Australia in 1935 to control pest insects that were affecting the sugar cane industry.  As it turned out, the can toads were more interested in reproducing at a prolific rate than eating the pests, so by 1941, they had become a massive problem.  Their scientific name used to be bufo marinus, hence the name Buffy, but it has since changed to rhinella marina.


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