Big Things of the Central Highlands

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As we drove through the Central Highlands, we were anticipating the gemstone towns of Rubyvale, Sapphire and Emerald to be bright and sparkly.  While Emerald was absolutely lovely, the most exciting things about the other two towns were their big things.


The Big Miner sits out the front of Bobby Dazzler’s mine at Rubyvale, and was constructed in 1983. It had lost it’s hand a few times over the years so we were lucky enough to see it complete with all the bits.


Central Highlands 2015-05-05 012w


Built in 1999, the Big Pick, Shovel and Sieve is outside the Blue Gem Van Park in Sapphire and is of the newest big things in Australia.  Standing about 4 metres high, we were pleasantly surprised by the cool looking tribute to the towns mining heritage.


Central Highlands 2015-05-05 013w


In the area are also the Big Spanner and the Big Sapphire, and Emerald has the Big Easel.


Central Highlands 2015-05-06 022w


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  1. Awesome! LOVE our Aussie Big Things – thanx for the new ones that I’ll be sure to check out next time I’m up that way!!

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