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Every country has its own colloquial language, and Australia is no exception.  Some words have a more eloquent origin while others seem to be completely made up.


Here is a list of slang words or phrases that might help you out a bit when communicating with a local.


  • Blotto, shit-faced, pissed, rotten – drunk. “I got so shit-faced last night!”
  • Bludger – a lazy person who doesn’t work. “Bloody dole bludger!”
  • Bogan – a lower class wanker who drinks too much beer and drives a shit commodore. “Can we cross the road, a bogan is coming…”
  • Boomer – kangaroo
  • Bush chook – emu
  • What’s crackin’? How’s it hanging? – Hello, how are you? “What’s crackin’ big fella!?”
  • Cactus, cark it – dead, to die. “That roadkill is cactus!”
  • Coldie, can, piss, amber fluid, brew, grog, tinny – beer. “Wanna come back to my place for a coldie?”
  • Dero – taken from the word derelict, it means someone who is homeless, or at least looks homeless. “Can we cross the road, a dero is coming…”
  • Dipstick, dill, boofhead, dickhead – idiot. “Shut up, boofhead!”
  • Goon – cheap cask wine. “Who wants to play Goon of Fortune/Wheel of Fort-goon?” (this drinking game involves pegging a goon bag to a Hills Hoist, spinning it around and whoever the goon stops in front of, they need to drink).
  • Grouse, spiffy, specky, tits, ripper – great, awesome or excellent.  “What a ripper! This banana is pretty specky!”
  • Straya Animals!Straya – a very Australian way of saying Australia. “I love havin’ a few beers on Straya Day!”
  • Whoop whoop, in the sticks – out in the middle of nowhere, in the country. “Johnno lives out in the sticks.”
  • Taking a whazz, slash, piss – urinating. “Gimme a sec,  I need to have a slash.”
  • Dropping the kids off at the pool, cutting one off, punching one out, taking a dump – defecating  “Gimme ten minutes, I gotta take a dump.”
  • Give it a crack, have a whirl – try it out. “Aw yeah, I’ll give it a crack.”
  • She’ll be right – everything will be fine.
  • A bee’s dick – a small amount or short distance. “It makes a bee’s dick of difference!”
  • Flat out like a lizard drinking – really busy. “Sorry mate, can’t come to the pub – I’m flat out like a lizard!”
  • Face like a smashed crab/dropped pie/ half-eaten mango – really ugly. “Sheila’s got a face like a smashed crab…”


Well, there you have it. A few Aussie words for your vocabulary.  If you’d like to learn more, we recommend watching some Carl Baron stand up – he picks out other idiosyncrasies of Australian colloquialism.



If you have any additions you’d like to make, feel free to comment below or send us a message via twitter or facebook.


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