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Enter bliss - Allansford Cheeseworld


Juz is a massive cheese fiend so stopping into Allansford Cheese World was mandatory.


Cheese World is run by the Warrnambool Cheese & Butter Factory across the road, an Australian owned company that was established in 1888 by a group of local farmers.  The factory started off producing butter and introduced cheesemaking later on.  It sits in a successful dairy region that provides about 20% of Victoria’s dairy needs.



The factory only produces cheddars but makes a variety of flavours.  Here are our tasting notes:

  • Mature cheddar – this cheese was creamy and full of flavour, but not as sharp as what you’d expect.
  • Vintage cheddar – this cheese won the 2011 Champion Cheddar award, and for good reason!  It was sharp and flavoursome – perfect to suck on and melt in your mouth.   We bought a block of this stuff.
  • Herb and spice – we believe the spices used were similar to curry powder.  This cheese had a great flavour that wasn’t too overpowering.
  • Tomato and chive – the tomato flavour really stood out! POW!
  • Pepper – perfect with wine and crackers.
  • Pepper and garlic – this flavour was great.  The garlic wasn’t too overpowering and provided a really nice savoury dimension.
  • Chilli – FEEL THE BURN!


Free cheese tasting is available and the store also stocks lots of local produce, including wines, honey, chocolate and other cheeses.


The cheeses available at Allansford Cheeseworld


There is also an onsite museum that showcases the history of the local dairy and farming industry.  Many items in the museum were donated by the Uebergang Family, who arrived in 1849 from Prussia to start a farm.


One of the museum’s most prized pieces is the region’s first mechanical milker, released in June 1905.  It was imported from Scotland and originally called the LK (Lawrence Kennedy), however a year later, a guy called Alexander Gillies tweeked the milker to make it even more efficient, so the name was changed to the LKG Milking Machine.


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