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Who founded Melbourne? What should I cook on the campfire tonight?! When is the best time to explore the top end? Where are the best camping spots? Why is Hahndorf called Hahndorf? How can I travel and stay healthy?

Our Naked Australia is aimed at the health-conscious adventurer, the wanderlust-stricken youngster and the outdoor fanatic. Follow us as we go on an amazing adventure around Australia, from the cities to the wild outback, to find the best and all the rest that this country has to offer.

Cities and towns, history and culture, local attractions, cooking, camping, breweries, wine regions, fishing, hiking, photography, natural wonders, wildlife and more!

We are by no means experts so feel free contact us, say G'day and offer your two cents on where to find the gold in this country so that we can make the best go-to Australian travel resource together!

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