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Landcruiser Mountain Park 2015-05-16 054w


Landcruiser Mountain Park is a 10,000 acre haven for off road and bush camping enthusiasts.  It’s been in business for more than 20 years and offers over 200km of tracks of varying difficultly as a 4×4 playground.  While there are three campgrounds on the property with flushing toilets and hot showers, you can camp anywhere in the park and choose the wilderness over simple luxuries.  Firewood can be collected anywhere on the property, and as you explore the park, you’ll pass grazing cattle, but keep your eyes open for wild deer and kangaroos.


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We rocked up at around 3pm and had a quick chat with the most unenthusiastic lady we’ve ever met.  We gave her our money, she gave us a map, and we signed in before commencing our adventure through the park.  The map of tangled lines shows three levels of tracks, with green representing the easiest tracks and red insinuating death and destruction.  We would later find out that the map was almost useless, and we got lost regularly, finding ourselves on tracks that we had no intention of attempting.


We headed to Trekka Terrace Campground and set up for the night, built a nice little fire to keep us warm, and were shocked when we were sprayed with bullets of possum poo and urine from the trees above.


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In the morning, a cool mist covered the campground and we quickly packed up to get as much driving in as possible.  It became apparent on the first track we completed that Juz needed to put a sports bra on – the road was really rough, even on the green tracks.  There were plenty of creek crossings, some deeper than others, and we even got to see the head of the Brisbane River.  Our planned itinerary was to follow a green track that looped back to our campground, but as we said earlier, the map was shit and we ended up on a few yellow tracks.


While Dave was having the time of his life, Juz spent her time holding herself in her seat, catching books that were bouncing around the cabin, and praying that the Troopy was going to make it through.  Eventually, Dave had to kick her out of the car during hairy sections of the track.


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The real shockers were the steep inclines – even the green ones.  We found ourselves on the yellow ‘Troopie Trail’, which was completely manageable until we came to a crossroads.  We could either head north up green incline or continue east on a yellow incline.  Both inclines looked precariously steep and much to Juz’s alarm, Dave chose the yellow slope and told her to get out of the car.  The Troopy, as always, was surprisingly skilled at manoeuvring over the uneven tracks.  Even at a 45 degree side tilt, the Troopy stood its ground and made it up the hill.


Landcruiser Mountain Park 2015-05-16 075w


Further along, we saw an assembly of utes and 4WDs and stopped to see what the fuss was.  They were at the top of the Camp Road track, which begins with a red-coloured slope into the valley.  While it wasn’t incredibly steep, it was seriously bumpy.  There was no way we were going to drive the Troopy down that mess.


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By lunchtime, Juz was an emotional wreck, frazzled from being thrown around by the rough track.  Dave soothed her nerves with a few beers and by the time we got back to Cowan Falls Campground to eat, she was like a limp doll in the passenger seat.  After some revitalising food, we went for a walk to the nearby waterfall.


Landcruiser Mountain Park 2015-05-16 111w


We followed the trail of discarded undies amongst the rocks to the falls, and met a nice couple from Brisbane, and their two bichon poodles – aka Bichpoos or Poochons.


Landcruiser Mountain Park 2015-05-16 113w


People definitely don’t visit Landcruiser Mountain Park for the customer service – on our way out we stopped in at the office to sign out and the sombre lady behind the desk didn’t even ask if we enjoyed ourselves.  Landcruiser Mountain Park is great for people who love 4WDing and challenging themselves and their vehicles on rough terrain of various difficulty.  It does seem to attract a certain demographic though – pot bellied blokes clad in flannelette, with a beer permanently in one hand and the steering wheel of their souped-up ute in the other.  We reckon that with a few minor additions and a bit of enthusiasm, they could easily widen their demographic.  But it is what it is and what it is is a 4WD playground with heaps of potential.


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