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Robertson Creek Track


We booked in a day with Tom and Dan from Bush Junkie to go 4WDing so we could try out our new winch.  It would have been stupid to leave for our big adventure without knowing whether the winch worked or not.  We met up at about 10am in Bunyip, discussed the plan over a quick coffee, then set off into the woods to get dirty.




Where is it?

Bunyip State Park is located just east of Gembrook.  We approached the park from the southeastern side from Labertouche.


GPS Coordinates: -38.011312,145.809174


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Points of Interest

Birrell Track

Classed as a blue square track, Birrell is a quick path from Forest Road to Robertson Creek Track.  There were a few deeps ruts and muddy puddles that were all conquered quite easily.


Birrell Track – Bunyip State Park from Our Naked Australia on Vimeo.

Robertson Creek Track

Birrell Track intersects with Robertson Creek Track and we found ourselves with a three-way decision.  Do we turn around and go back, turn right and complete the final portion of this double-black diamond track, or turn left and meet death (slight exaggeration!)?


We went with the happy medium of having a go at the short stretch of double-black.  Dave was behind the wheel and with Tom spotting him on the way down, he got through the worst of it without inflicting any damage to the Troopy.  Dan and Juz were the paparazzi –  chasing after the truck as it waddled down the slope, trying to get a good angle for video and photography.


Tea Tree Track

This track was saved for after lunch.  We wanted to get some practice on some easier tracks before giving this single black diamond track a go.  Unfortunately, about 100m into the track from Tea Tree Road, the earth got soft and the incline increased.  We were faced with deep ruts, soft ridges and an impossible course for the Troopy.


Tom wasn’t scared to give it a crack, but without wheels the size of a small car, there was no way to get the truck over the high ridge between the deep ruts.  We retreated and called it a day.



Lawson Falls

For lunch, we pulled into the picnic area car park and had a few wraps and meat pies that were cooked on the engine.  A cute pup came over and adorably begs for some ham.  Juz couldn’t resist those eyes.


After we had our fill, we set off towards the Falls.  Don’t be put off by the sign that says the discovery walk is a 4.6km long path that takes 2 hours to complete.  Sure, if you want to complete the entire walk, then it will take that long, but about 20mins into the journey, there is a deviation in the path that leads to the falls.


Lawson Falls are the only falls in Bunyip State Park.  It’s about 20m high and flows into shallow sandy pools sparkling with fools gold.  Keep your eyes on the ground for sightings of skinks and lizards.


A skink @ Lawson Falls



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  1. Annie on said:

    That is some serious 4WD terrain you are in! I would be useless in such a situation – probably just have my eyes shut, which would be a bad thing if I was the driver!

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