$100 Day : Canberra

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$100 Day


Our stay in Canberra and the ACT was a short one – only 26 hours – but we tried to see and do as much as possible.  We didn’t bother with public transport because we were staying for such a short time, and finding parking was relatively easy in this small city. Prepare yourself for learning a lot about Australia during your visit.



1. Start your day with a coffee at ONA on the Lawns in Manuka. If you feel like you really need to fuel up for the day, grab a FREAKshake from Pâtissez across the way.


2. Now that you’re buzzed up, head to the Royal Australian Mint to learn all about Australia’s currency. Because they make money, they don’t take any of yours – admission is free!


3. Swing past Parliament House – Australia’s political centre.


4. If you love art, you can’t skip the National Gallery of Australia. They have works by famous artists such as Dali, Pollock and Picasso, and they have a great selection of Aussie masterpieces as well.


5. For lunch, head into town and check out the lunch specials at Noodle Cafe. They have an awesome selection of dishes on their lunch menu. Juz got the curry laksa and Dave got the succulent pork chop with rice.


6. Grab a beer from Bent Spoke Brewery. They have tasting paddles of four beers for $18 as well.


7. The Australian War Memorial is probably the best in the country. Make sure you give a donation before entering.


8. For a lovely view of the city, drive up to Mount Ainsley Lookout on the northeast end of the city. There is also a Kokoda Memorial Trail if you feel like breaking a sweat.


9. Bunda Street and the City Walk between Akuna Street and Mort Street have some great places to eat for dinner.  One of the most popular places is Akiba, where we had a lovely tapas dinner with our mates Tom and Bella. Get a serve of the pork belly buns and the kimchi & angasi pancakes.


10. Head to the Telstra Tower just before sunset for a killer view.






As you can see, the main things we spent money on in Canberra were food and drink. Most of the attractions in Canberra are free, so we had no issue spending the money to visit the Telstra Tower at the end of the day.


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