$100 Day : Adelaide

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$100 Day


We were keen to see as much as we could of Adelaide but didn’t want to spend a fortune, so we set out on a mission to explore and experience as much as we could while still maintaining a budget of $100.


We left camp and walked 20 minutes to Torrens Park train station.  The train ride into town was about 20 minutes also and once we arrived to Adelaide Central, the spending began…


1. Day Trip tickets for the both of us


2. Two lattes at Big Table in the Central Markets


3. Food tasting at the Central Markets


4. Hiring bicycles for the day


5. Walk through the Himeji Gardens


6. Ride down Hutt Street


7. Sit in the shade at Rymill Park


8. Explore the Adelaide Botanical Gardens


9. Follow the River Torrens Bike Trail


10. Lunch at Thanh Thanh Vietnamese Restaurant


11. Grocery shopping at Central Markets
400g mushrooms


500g bacon


A head of lettuce and 3 peaches


2 punnets of strawberries


1 kg zucchini


A bag of pita bread


5 croissants


1 lemon


12. Two pints of Coopers Pale Ale at the Franklin


13. Rundle Mall & Adelaide Arcade for 1.5L water & 2 cans of chicken


14. South Australian Museum




Adelaide Day


We are so happy that we got to see as much of Adelaide as we could in one day and spend less than $100.  The city was really easy to navigate and we definitely exploited the last minute Christmas specials on fresh produce at the Markets.  We were expecting the day to be more expensive, considering that the train tickets chewed a big chunk out of our budget right off the bat, but everything else was perfectly manageable, thanks to the free bike hire.



The most expensive thing was lunch.  Juz was keen on pho, even though it was a 36⁰C day and she was hoping that it might be as good as her favourite Vietnamese restaurant in Preston.  Unfortunately, the soup did not meet the same delicious standards, the meal was also more expensive, but it did the job of providing us energy for the day.


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