Alice Springs Show

NT Events : The Alice Springs Show

September 1st 2014

  We were lucky enough to be in town for the 55th Annual Alice Springs Show, a two day event that gives the community a cracking good time.  It showcases everything from carnival games, rides, dagwood dogs and fairy floss …

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Epilogue Cafe & Lounge

Eating Out : Epilogue Café & Restaurant, Alice Springs NT

August 29th 2014

  If you’re looking for a great place for breakfast and an even better place to relax with a cocktail in the evenings, then check out Epilogue.  Located on Todd Mall in Alice Springs, it combines hipster coffee culture with …

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Jumping Spider

Wildlife : Jumping Spiders

August 27th 2014

  Name: Jumping Spiders Scientific name: Salticidae family Location: Commonly found all around Australia.   With about 5000 species, the jumping spider family is the largest family of spiders in the world!  These inquisitive little creatures have the best vision …

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Alice Springs Beanie Festival

NT Events : The Alice Springs Beanie Festival

August 24th 2014

  There are festivals for just about anything these days – tuna, tomatoes, mud, moose shit, cheese rolling, goat tossing, sumo wrestlers with crying babies – but if your heart belongs to beanies, the Alice Springs Beanie Festival is the festival …

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Helpex : Landscaping in Alice Springs

August 22nd 2014

Our first Helpex assignment in Alice Springs was to do some landscaping for a family of four.  We stayed with them for four days and worked around 4-6 hours a day in exchange for accommodation and meals.  Conveniently, they had …

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Rocky's Pizza

Eating Out : Rocky’s Pizza, Alice Springs NT

August 20th 2014

  We were cold, we were hungry, and we had just rocked up in Alice Springs.  We set our priorities straight and went to the first pizza shop we could find, Rocky’s Pizza.  Operation Pepperoni was immediately in full force. …

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Plant Profile :  Mistletoe

August 17th 2014

Name: Mistletoe Scientific Classification: Australia has two species, Loranthaceae  and Santalacaea Location: all over Australia, except for Tasmania.   They are a parasitic plant that grows on trees and shrubs.  Their modified root system, called haustoria, burrows into the bark …

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