happy easter

Happy Easter!

April 18th 2014

  The Easter long weekend is here and it’s a perfect opportunity to pack up the car and go for a camping trip.  The first time we ever slept in the Troopy was for Easter weekend in 2012 when we …

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Meet the reptiles - Crocosaurus Cove

Wildlife : How to tell the difference between a venomous and non-venomous snake!

April 15th 2014

  Did you know that snakes don’t have eyelids, but they do have a transparent scale over their eye? That despite popular belief, snakes don’t dislocate bones to consume large prey – they just have really flexible jaws. What about …

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Travel Tucker : Cheap & Healthy Foods

April 10th 2014

  One of the best parts about camping is being outdoors – the trees, the grass, the fresh air – it brings you closer to nature, as they say.  Unfortunately, all of the goodness of the great outdoors can be …

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Holmes Jungle

Experience : Holmes Jungle Nature Park

April 6th 2014

  We woke up early on Take A Walk In The Park Day to head over to Holmes Jungle before the day got too hot. The nature park covers about 250 hectares and protects a monsoon forest, right on the …

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Office Chimp

Travel Jobs : Office Administrator

April 2nd 2014

  Yo. Dave here…  I can hear you all saying, “I thought you didn’t want to work in office anymore.  Isn’t that why you left on this trip in the first place?”   Well, here’s the story.   After driving …

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Pulp Kitchen

Eating Out : Pulp Kitchen, Palmerston NT

March 29th 2014

After a successful morning of op shopping, our tummies were grumbling so we made our way to Pulp Kitchen in Palmerston for a feed.  We had driven past this place a few times and really liked their image.  Following their …

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Camping : Juz’s Tips for Staying Attractive While In The Bush

March 25th 2014

  Stop…   This is not a post about choosing the best stilettos for the desert or which mascara to use while bushwalking in the Daintree. Before you get too excited about hot makeup trends, mani-pedis and facials, let’s bring …

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The Waterfront

City Profile : Darwin

March 21st 2014

  When we arrived in Darwin back in June 2013, we were exhausted.  We had just driven through the Kimberley and broken down on the road towards the Bungle Bungles and we were looking forward to spending some time in …

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Eating Out : Chow!, Darwin NT

March 17th 2014

A new Vietnamese restaurant opened in Darwin while we were there and after dubbing Saigon Star as the provider of the best pho, we realised we had a new contender to sample.  We set our expectations fairly low and walked …

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