Helpex Alice Springs

Helpex : Housekeeping and the steelyard

September 22nd 2014

  After four days of landscaping for a family, our second Helpex assignment was hanging out with Derren, his housemate Brad and their two dogs, Buddy and Buster.  Derren is probably the most active couchsurfing host in Alice Springs and …

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Alice Springs Reptile Centre

Experience : Alice Springs Reptile Centre

September 19th 2014

  We love reptiles.  They vary from smooth and slinky to spiky and strange, they’re one of the oldest living species on earth and they’re solar powered!  Therefore, our time in Alice Springs would not have been completely satisfactory unless …

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The Gillen Club

Eating Out : The Gillen Club, Alice Springs NT

September 16th 2014

    We had a friend visit us in Alice Springs so we decided to show her around town and finish the night off with a nice dinner.  After climbing Mount Gillen, visiting the Reptile Centre and watching the sunset …

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Henley On Todd

NT Events : Henley On Todd Regatta, Alice Springs

September 13th 2014

  In most cases, clouds do have a silver lining.  After returning to Alice Springs with car issues, we were able to stick around for the 53rd Annual Henley On Todd Regatta.  This unique event is NT’s longest running event …

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Cartoon Camp

Travel Jobs : Cartooning Camp

September 11th 2014

  Hey everyone – Juz here…   Do you like to play games and have fun?  Can you cut oranges and cook noodles? Are you able to project your voice over the laughing and screaming of sugar-buzzed beings?  Then working …

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Lasseters Camel Cup

NT Events : Lasseters Camel Cup, Alice Springs

September 8th 2014

  We were stoked to find out that the Camel Cup was on during our final weekend in Alice Springs.  At the last minute, we contacted the organisers of the event and scored media passes so that we could have …

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Monte's Lounge

Eating Out : Monte’s Lounge, Alice Springs NT

September 6th 2014

After a successful season of trivia in Darwin, we hit up Alice Springs but found that there was only one place in town that did trivia – Monte’s.   Monte’s is colourful and kooky, with a bohemian atmosphere and circus …

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