Cape York

Troopy Update : Boots, Brakes & Various Outakes

November 27th 2014

  Yo – Dave here.   After our radiator dramas and a weeklong visit to Country Diesel Maintenance in Alice Springs, the Troopy was running great.  But what fun would it be if nothing ever went wrong?    By the …

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Natural Wonders : Undara Volcanic National Park

November 24th 2014

  About 190,000 years ago, when Australia was a lot different to what it is now, there was an eruption.  Not a violent, ‘Dante’s Peak’ eruption.  The ground grumbled, dark smoke and steam billowed from a crack in the rocky …

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Cobbold Gorge

Natural Wonders : Cobbold Gorge

November 21st 2014

  Cobbold Gorge was on our bucket list from the beginning, and it was fantastic to finally see it in the flesh… or sandstone.  It is located within Robin Hood station, which is owned by the Terry family.  The cattle …

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The Big Croc, Normanton

Big Things : The Big Crocodile & Big Barramundi, Normanton QLD

November 18th 2014

  Despite being a small town, Normanton has two Big Things – the Big Crocodile and the Big Barramundi.  After a quick midday pub crawl, we sussed out both of the Big Things, and we have to admit that the …

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Mt Uncle Distillery

Taste : Mt Uncle Distillery

November 15th 2014

  Located in the heart of the Atherton Tablelands, Mt Uncle Distillery is North Queensland’s first and oldest distillery.  Their delicious liqueurs & spirits are made with locally sourced ingredients and are fermented and distilled on site.   The Distillery …

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Mount Isa

City Profile : Mount Isa

November 15th 2014

We rolled into Mount Isa quite early in the morning, so there wasn’t much open other than a coffee shop offering free Wi-Fi.  After a coffee, we strolled around town to get our bearings before heading to the information centre …

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Abel Tasman

Explorers : Abel Janszoon Tasman – the first guy to prove that Australia doesn’t stretch all the way to the South Pole

November 13th 2014

Abel Janszoon Tasman was born in 1603 and was a Dutch explorer and merchant.  He joined the VOC in 1633 and was stationed in Batavia (aka Java or Indonesia).   In 1642, he was sent on an expedition to explore New …

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