Kuranda Wildlife Experience 2015-02-09 327 - Copy

Animal Attraction : Kuranda Wildlife Experience

February 27th 2015

Despite the rain, we drove the Troopy over the Macalister Range and arrived in Kuranda village for a very special day with the local wildlife.  The Kuranda Wildlife Experience is the ultimate ticket for animal lovers and is a fantastic …

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XXXX, Cape York

Brew Review : XXXX

February 24th 2015

  Yo – Dave here.  We’ve been in Queensland for a few months now so here comes another brew review.   I knew that once we got to the Sunshine State I would have to try XXXX – “The Pride …

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Town Profile : Cooktown

February 20th 2015

  We were expecting to linger around Cooktown for two nights before heading to Cairns for work, but just as we were making plans, a fantastic opportunity presented itself.  The owner of a local farm needed some help for the …

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Bug Off Mosquito

Bug Off : Annoying Insects!

February 16th 2015

  Australia is renowned for our dangerous wildlife – snakes, crocs, sharks, cassowaries and spiders – but this post is dedicated to our less deadly but far more annoying inhabitants: bugs.   Flies Let’s start with the humble house fly, …

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Helpx : Working on a Biodynamic Farm

February 13th 2015

  It was our last day in Cooktown and as we strolled through the botanic gardens, Dave’s phone rang.  It was a Helpx host asking if we were available to stay for around a week or so and work on …

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Eating Out : Cooktown Hotel, Cooktown QLD

February 10th 2015

  No visit to Cooktown is complete without checking out the Top Pub.   Because we arrived in Cooktown on AFL Grand Final weekend, the pub was packed with rough sheilas and burly men in wife-beaters and short shorts.  We …

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Cape York

Experience : Cape York – Part 2

February 6th 2015

For Experience : Cape York – Part 1 – click here!     Day 5 Bamaga We completed the rest of the 5 Beaches Track and made our way back to Bamaga.  When we took the Troopy out of 4WD, Dave …

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