Green Ants

Wildlife : Green Tree Ants

July 30th 2014

  Name: Green Tree Ant Scientific name: Oecophylla smaragdina Alternative name: Green Ant, Weaver Ant Location: Commonly found in trees around northern Australia.   These aggressive little insects belong to one of the three kinds of ants (biters, stingers and …

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Devils Marbles

Experience : Karlu Karlu (Devils Marbles Conservation Reserve)

July 30th 2014

  We were fangin’ down the Stuart Highway, watching everything turn yellow as the sun approached the horizon.  It had been a while since we raced the sun.  This time, it wasn’t to find camp before dark but to get …

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Daly Waters Historic Pub

Eating Out : Daly Waters Historic Pub, NT

July 28th 2014

  It was about 7:30am and our tummies were grumbling.  We had just hit the T-intersection of the Carpentaria Highway with the Stuart Highway, and Daly Waters Historic Pub was just around the corner.   Daly Waters was named by …

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Limmen National Park

Experience Gulf Country : Roper Bar to Borroloola

July 26th 2014

  We turned off Stuart Highway and travelled along the Roper Highway towards Roper Bar.  It was a single tarred lane road that was shared with oncoming traffic for a fair way of the journey.  Alongside the road were hundreds …

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Heartbreak Hotel

Eating Out : Heartbreak Hotel, Cape Crawford NT

July 23rd 2014

After spending the morning in Caranbirini National Park, we passed through Cape Crawford and realised we were famished!  It turned out that the only thing in Cape Crawford worth going to is the Heartbreak Hotel so we turned in for …

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Roper Bar

Troopy Report : Crack, Back & On Track

July 20th 2014

  Yo – Dave here.   It’s been a while since the last update and the Troopy’s a little bit worse for wear.  After almost a year in Darwin, we had to spend some time and money fixing, changing and …

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Lorella Springs

Volunteering : Lorella Springs Wilderness Park

July 17th 2014

  DAY 7 -10 : VOLUNTEERING Over the next four days, we got our hands dirty and did odd jobs around Lorella Springs.  By volunteering, our accommodation and meals were all sorted, and we got two free drinks a day.  …

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