Cape York

Troopy Goes Bump in the Night

January 30th 2015

  Yo – Dave here.   After enjoying the sunset at the most northerly point of mainland Australia, we went to check out a deserted resort a couple hundred metres back from the Tip car park.  The resort was abandoned …

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Australia Day 2015 Cairns

Australia Day in Cairns

January 27th 2015

  Wow – what an epic day!   With all of our mates back at home in Melbourne, we occupied ourselves by trying to have the most Australian Australia Day possible, and that meant checking out all of the fun …

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How to Celebrate Australia Day

January 23rd 2015

Australia Day is a day of celebration, to embrace all the things that makes Australia unique – our beautiful landscapes, our kooky wildlife, our love of sports, live music, gorgeous beaches, and the great Australian spirit.  The awesome thing about Australia Day is that it’s …

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Bamaga Tavern

Eating Out : Bamaga Tavern, Bamaga QLD

January 19th 2015

  We had already visited the westernmost pub in Denham, and now that we had been to the Tip of Australia, it was time to find the northernmost pub.  That pub is the Bamaga Tavern.   We lingered town around …

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Kakadu National Park

Wildlife : Golden Silk Orb Weaving Spider

January 15th 2015

Name: Golden Silk Orb Weaving Spider Scientific Classification: of the Nephila genus. Alternative Names: golden orb-weavers, giant wood spiders, banana spiders Location: they are found throughout Australia   Fast Facts: Nephila comes from the greek language and means ‘love of spinning’. …

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SPAM Bacon Carbonara

Recipe : SPAM Bacon Carbonara

January 12th 2015

  Just in case you’re thinking that we store SPAM as a regular staple in our pantry, we don’t, but after the few recipes that we’ve tried, we might have to include it.  Tinned tuna and sardines can get tiresome …

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Cape York

4WDing : The Old Telegraph Track, Cape York QLD

January 8th 2015

  The Old Telegraph Track is one of the highlights of Cape York and is a great track for 4WD enthusiasts.  It’s what’s left of the original telegraph track that was used in the 1880s to connect Cairns with Thursday …

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